Terms of trade

These are the terms and conditions on which SSA offers its Goods and Services to you.

    • These terms are divided into four parts :

  • (1) General terms ;

  • (2) Terms relating to the supply of Goods ;

  • (3) Terms relating to the return of Goods ;

  • (4) Terms relating to the supply of Services.

    • by contracting with SSA you accept all of these terms.

(1) General Terms;

The following definitions are used in these terms : “Authorised Representative” means any of the Chief Executive Officer, the Financial Controller, any Director, and any General Manager of ssa. “Contract” means the contract for the sale or rental of Goods or the supply of Services from ssa. “Customer” means the person buying or renting Goods or acquiring Services from ssa and its successors and assigns. “Equipment” means plant or machinery owned by the Customer. “Goods” means any products that the Customer purchases or rents from SSA. “Inspection” means SSA checking the performance of a Customer’s Equipment in accordance with the Preventative Maintenance Schedule. “Parties” means SSA and the Customer. “Preventative Maintenance Contract” means a Contract whereby SSA agrees for a period to inspect and maintain agreed items of the Customer’s Equipment in good operating condition, by undertaking routine monitoring and action to remedy breakdowns. “Preventative Maintenance Schedule” means the schedule setting out details of the Equipment to be inspected, maintenance to be carried out, service level required by the customer and SSA’s fees and prices . “Rental Period” means the period from the time the Goods are either delivered to the Customer by SSA, or collected from SSA by the Customer until the Goods are either:

(a) returned to SSA at the place of rental,
(b) removed by SSA pursuant to these Terms, or
(c) the Contract is terminated. “Services” means any services that SSA supplies to the Customer and   includes services provided in accordance with a Preventative Maintenance Contract. “Terms” means these terms and conditions. “Working Hours” means between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. “SSA” means STONESTAR (New Zealand) Ltd and its successors and assigns.

(3) Return of Goods

Credits sought for returned Goods (the Returned Goods) are at the supplier's exclusive discretion and subject to the following conditions: 

(a) The Returned Goods must be received by the Supplier within 30 days of the invoice date accompanied by a credit note with the required information; and 
(b) All credits sought for Returned Goods must identify the reason for the return; and
(c) The Returned Goods must be in an unused, unmarked saleable condition and in manufacturer/supplier's packaging. 

Returned Goods must be returned free into the Supplier's store, all transportation charges, insurance, taxes, duties and additional charges being borne by the Applicant.