Stretched Tyres


Streched tyres are the new trend, with more and more people wanting 'the look'. However, before you stretch your tyres, here are some legal requirements that you need to be aware of.

1. there's NO WARRANTY for stretched tyres!


2. refer to NZ's LVVTA guide which states that tyres must be an appropriate selection for the type and width of wheel to which they are fitted.

3. If your tyre size cannot be found in the guide, then use the table below as the recommended tyre width.

Rim widthMinimum tyre widthIdeal tyre widthMaximum tyre width
5,0 Inches155 mm165 or 175 mm185 mm
5,5 Inches165 mm175 or 185 mm195 mm
6,0 Inches175 mm185 or 195 mm215 mm
6,5 Inches185 mm195 or 205 mm225 mm
7,0 Inches195 mm205 or 215 mm235 mm
7,5 Inches205 mm215 or 225 mm245 mm
8,0 Inches215 mm225 or 235 mm245 mm
8,5 Inches225 mm235 or 245 mm255 mm
9,0 Inches225 mm245 or 255 mm265 mm
9,5 Inches235 mm255 or 265 mm275 mm
10,0 Inches255 mm265 or 275 mm285 mm
10,5 Inches265 mm275 or 285 mm295 mm
11,0 Inches275 mm285 or 295 mm305 mm
11,5 Inches285 mm295 or 305 mm315 mm
12,0 Inches295 mm305 or 315 mm325 mm
12,5 Inches305 mm315 or 325 mm335 mm