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About SSA Wheels and Tyres 

We are an 100% New Zealand owned family business that has been in New Zealand and Australia for nearly 20 years. We distribute to wheel and Tyre retail shops throughout New Zealand. We never relied on marketing campaigns, but worked quietly to ensure our products are top quality with competitive prices.

Our products are designed to match your car, provide comfort to your ride, and it comes with affordable prices.

Please contact your nearest local retailer for more information.

We are the authorized sole distributor of the following Tyre brands: Jinyu, Blacklion, Sagitar, Aoteli.

We also stock the following brands: venezia, delinte, rapid, landsail, kingrun, kinforest, fullrun, fullway, rotalla, tracmax, gremax, go-form, winrun, ecosaver, allroad.

As well as the following Truck Tyre brands: Triangle, Three-a, Pace, Longmarch.